Welcome to Hawaii’s Early Childhood Action Strategy!

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

 – Nelson Mandela

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The Early Childhood Action Strategy is a statewide public-private collaborative that recognizes the strength of communities and works across sectors to increase the number of young children in Hawaii who are born healthy, developing on track, ready for school when they enter kindergarten, and proficient learners by third grade.

Our vision: Hawaii’s young children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Our mission: To bring together government and non-governmental organizations to align priorities for children prenatal to age eight and to strengthen and integrate the early childhood system by streamlining services, maximizing resources and improving programs to support our youngest keiki.

Our areas of focus: Our work is organized into six cross-disciplinary focus areas identified through the Executive Office on Early Learning’s strategic planning process that occurred in 2012. Teams in the focus areas identify goals, objectives, strategies and implementation partners to address gaps in the system of care for young children.

We strive for our work to

  • put children and families first.
  • honor differences in culture and language across communities.
  • address the needs of each island and provide opportunities for all to participate.
  • be implemented through the work of many partner organizations.
  • be based on evidence and informed by data.

Six critical focus areas have been identified as building blocks for the establishment of an integrated early childhood system.

If children enter the world healthy and welcomed and are supported by safe and nurturing families, children have a much greater chance of achieving on-track health and development. We want to ensure equitable access to programs and services for high-quality early learning programs. If we accomplish these goals, children are ready to thrive when they enter kindergarten!