On-track Health and Development (Team 3)

Meetings: The On-Track Health and Development group usually meets mid-morning on the second Friday of the month and the Health and Wellness group usually meets mid-morning on the third Friday. Contact Action Strategy for dates, times, locations.


  • To ensure all children, especially those at-risk, get screened at AAP recommended ages, are provided with appropriate referrals and access those services
  • To ensure all children enter kindergarten school ready, at their potential


  1. 10% increase in number of young children screened at AAP recommended ages.
  2. 10% increase in number of children identified and receiving support before entering kindergarten.
  3. 10% decrease in # of children overweight/obese at kindergarten.
  4. 10% increase in # of early childhood practitioners accessing training on social emotional supports for young children.
  5. Create a screening data system that is coordinated with the EC longitudinal data system and OIMT state data system
  6. Increase by 10% number of children 5 and under enrolled in a medical home

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