Equitable Access to Programs and Services (Team 4)

Meetings: 4th Tuesdays (meeting time changes depending on which committee is meeting, the full Team usually meets around noon), Action Strategy office. Contact Action Strategy for dates, times, location.


  • To increase access to existing early childhood programs and services throughout the state
  • To resolve program/service gaps community by community


1.  Create an early childhood information and referral system

2.  Increase by 10% the number of eligible families that access the following public assistance programs: SNAP, WIC, TANF, Medquest Section 8 Housing and Childcare Subsidies

3.  Increase by 5% enrollment into Early Intervention

4.  Increase by ___% the number 4-year olds attending a state or federally funded Pre-K program

5.  Increase by __# in total number of slots available for children in early childhood programs

6.  Increase by __% the total amount of State dollars invested in early childhood programs

Settings include:
Home Visitation by ____%
Licensed Family Child Care by ____%
Family-Child Interactive Learning Programs by ____%
Center-Based Programs by ___%

Key Documents:

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