our Timeline

February 2016- Present:   To better bridge the public and private sectors, Action Strategy relocated from the Governor’s Office to Collaborative Leaders Network, the organization that has served as the backbone since 2012.  Collaborative Leaders Network contracts two full-time positions to coordinate the Action Strategy and provides resources to support collaboration.

July 2015:  Executive Office on Early Learning moved to the Department of Education as an attached agency.  EOEL and Action Strategy continued to work closely together.

December 2015:  Incoming Governor David Ige keeps Action Strategy in the Governor’s Office as a neutral location for convening departments and community partners.

July 2014: Action Strategy leaders participated in a Systems Design Innovation Lab to receive mentoring from international Systems Design experts.

January 2014: Work plans, metrics, delivery chains and evaluation rubrics for each focus area were created. 

August 2013. U.S. Education Delivery Institute was contracted to assist in developing planning and governance mechanisms.

January 2013. Hawai‘i’s Early Childhood Action Strategy was launched. Collaborative Leaders Network serves as the backbone organization of the planning and implementation of the Early Action Strategy.

September 2012.  Key strategies and outcomes for each focus area were developed, based on best practice research and identified “levers of change” from the mapping process. Strategies were endorsed by the Early Learning Advisory Board (ELAB).

July 2012. Six focus areas were identified.  Leaders for each of the six focus areas were recruited and over 80 public and private stakeholders invited to participate in working groups to develop a context map of Hawaii’s early childhood landscape.  R. Scott Spann, MPA, and Founder of Innate Strategies facilitated the mapping process.  

May 2012. An early childhood retreat was convened in which State leaders and community partners met with Bill Fulton and Jodi Hardin from the Denver-based Civic Canopy to initiate development of a strategic plan for the Executive Office on Early Learning under Governor Neal Abercrombie.